Background of NCC,B Trust

NCC,B works to influence national climate policy towards achieving climate justice, so that adaptation actions address the needs and demands of the most vulnerable people, including women and children, and the climate funds are utilized transparently and effectively. NCC,B performs as a strong advocacy platform of members and closely linked with various CSO networks (e.g. CANSA, GOBESHANA) and non-state actors (e.g. BAPA) to sensitize policy actors in enhancing climate justice and good governance in Bangladesh.

In the previous year’s NCC,B has initiated a series of campaign and advocacy to make the National Adaptation Plan (NAP) formulation process participatory, bottom-up and incorporating ecosystem-based local Adaptation Plans in the NAP. NCC,B has developed its working relations and linkages with different NGOs and also developed useful working relations with several media actors. NCC,B has also been playing an important role through its lobby, advocacy, and campaigning work to increase the allocation to the most vulnerable areas.

Analyzing the overall governance situation, NCC,B has identified that Coordination, Capacity Building and Transparency are the three major concerns in enhancing climate justice in Bangladesh. While the Paris Agreement (2015) brings both the opportunities and challenges for Bangladesh by opening a pathway towards climate-resilient development, as well as accelerate financial support from Green Climate Fund (GCF) and other multilateral sources, which requires deeper structural reforms and preparedness both in policy and institutional level.


Goal objectives and future plan

Goal of NCC, B

Work as (Represent) the voice (ideas and beliefs) of partner organizations on issues of climate change at community, regional, national and international levels.

Objectives of NCC,B

a)       Information dissemination to the partner organization; organization’s staff and target population on the concept (areas) of adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and financing in the field of Climate Change.

b)       Modeling different mechanisms of adaptation to the vulnerabilities of climate change impacts in our country,

c)       Campaigning for technical support towards adaptation initiatives at local, national and international level.

d)       Campaigning for different issues related to adaptation, mitigation, technology transfer and financing.

e)       Advocacy for support to replicate of successful adaptation initiatives modeled by the network members at national, local, regional and international level. 

Future Plan of NCC, B

The network established with a long term vision. The network is willing to play a strong role in the Climate Change issue, from local to international level. In order to achieve the goals

  • The network will develop working relation with different local, national, regional and international organizations to be able to play its part in combating the climate change related problems and vulnerabilities.
  • A regional linkage will be developed to draw more attention in the vulnerability of LDC’s and initiating a joint movement of the people of least developed countries.
  • The network will take strong initiatives through advocacy to incorporate Climate Change in the state and institutional policies.
  • The network will lobby & advocacy to the state administration to spread the tested adaptation strategies to cope with Climate Challenges.
  • The network will also organize field based activities to build up capacity of the poor people.
  • It will also support and take initiatives to spread mitigation strategies.
  • The network will publish different types of literature regarding Climate Change issues.
  • The network will organize different types of workshop, discussion meetings, seminar, and rally and also participate in these types of activities in various levels.

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