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Network on Climate Change in Bangladesh (NCC,B), a non-political voluntary organization, is working as (represent) the voice (ideas and beliefs) of the vulnerable on climate change issues at local, national and international levels. Recognizing the consequence of climate change, two non-government organizations (Nabolok and Prodipan) established the network in 2005 with the support of Bread for the World (BftW), Germany. Over time, NCC,B has widened its network and now it is a countrywide network of 18 member organizations. The organization obtained its registration from the Department of Social Welfare (Registration No. Da-09692) in 2018.
The aim of NCC,B is to accelerate the united efforts of NGOs, CSOs and Media in facing challenges induced by climate change. At the same time NCC,B’s goal is to raise the voice of the most vulnerable people at all level, in policies, plans, and actions. One of the major focus of NCC,B’s campaign and advocacy work is on the governance of climate finance, especially for equitable and vulnerability-based fund allocation. NCC,B and its media allies have played a significant role through its lobby, advocacy and campaigning work to increase allocation for the most vulnerable areas.


In 2018 NCC,B has implemented three different projects;

    a) Advocacy to Enhance Governance for the Climate Vulnerable People in Bangladesh supported by BftW under the legal umbrella of one of its member organization, Nabolok.
    b) Developing working paper(s) on Climate Change Adaptation using Information and Communication Technology and Its Potential on National Actions (including Local Adaptation Plan of Action, Intended Nationally Determined Contributions and BCCSAP) supported by Oxfam in Bangladesh.
    c) Assessing Loss & Damage of Low Exposed Sudden Onset Disasters: Evidence from the poverty prone North and Southeastern Bangladesh supported by BftW.


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